Ryan Fleming


Recently an announcement was made concerning the appointment of Jall to the position of Outer Representative of the Order of Nine Angles as of September 2013ev. Although the details of this appointment have all been known internally and even externally in resources both print and electronic for some months now, it was only during the course of this more recent reiteration of said appointment (which, as noted prior, had already taken place) that began to provoke a most prodigious amount of wailing and moaning which is continuing to present.

The personage who seems to be chief attention-getter in this equation is a certain Ryan Fleming, who has alternately promised to “hunt this Jall [ONA Outer Representative] to the ends of the earth”, claimed to be the person behind the presumed pseudonym, “opfer” said ONA Outer Representative and perhaps, most colorfully, challenged a member of the Inner ONA to a “duel” for circulating the recent announcement – promptly abandoning his position once said Inner ONA individual accepted said challenge.

While Fleming accuses in a general fashion the person or persons responsible for circulating said announcement as engaging in “internet games” and “pretension” it seems that he – and a group of associates (one of whom is mildly notorious for their own hounding of the previous ONA Outer Rep and all of which makeup the lowest-brow of the ONA fringe) – are using their continued wailing and moaning to apparently forward their own little (and perhaps mildly pretentious) “internet game” which seems to be forwarding an agenda of asserting themselves as some sort of “leadership” within the ONA through the back-door, in stark contradistinction to the “anarchic” position they so boldly declaim in their statements.

Throughout all of the hysterics, the denunciations and hyperbole (up to and including threats of violence as mentioned prior, which have yet to see any tangible follow-through) what has not been forthcoming is any reaction nor indeed any participation whatsoever in these affairs by the lady in question who has recently assumed the role of Outer Representative. Nor has any of the countless persons rallying around Fleming even once attempted to contact directly the lady in question whether in a hostile or civil fashion. This in itself is highly indicative of the character – or lack thereof – of the individuals participating in the ill-wrought campaign of Fleming and co., who seem to thrive only at the hint of scandal and amidst the supercilious company of their equally mundane and verbose associates.

In final note, it is also worthy to mention that the primary associates of Fleming and co. include individuals whose sole notoriety has stemmed from their continual attacks on the traditions, mythos and history of the ONA while continuing to attach themselves, however tenuously, to the tradition, mythos and history of the ONA, without which they would most certainly disappear into obscurity. Thus is the parasitic need of those who, like the lamprey who attaches itself to the shark, would have no source of sustenance without that very being under whose banner they seek to carve out their own individual and perhaps more than mildly pretentious fiefdoms while also decrying the very formats which they, in their hubris, claim to be so far beyond.

/Saturnyan, ONA, 125yf


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